Workplace as a Service

Freedom of choice and fixed monthly costs

Pedab’s flexible, vendor independent concept for workplace functions relieves the IT department and frees up time for more business critical tasks. This service is built on freedom of choice and customisation at every stage. Fixed monthly cost per function simplifies the IT budgeting.

We adjust to your unique requirements

Pedab’s service includes any combination of PCs, MACs, thin clients, tablets or smartphones from the manufacturers of your choice. Hardware and software configuration is done at our ESD safe configuration center in Borås, Sweden.

With an ESD safe environment, we avoid static electricity damaging of the equipment. In the configuration center, we unpack your equipment and check that it works properly. In addition, we offer a variety of value added services, including theft labeling, hardware assembling and image loading with personal settings. We are flexible and adapt to your company’s unique requirements.

When buying our Workplace as a Service, you get a fixed monthly cost per function. The benefits are many. Among others, you will make the true costs of managing the workplace visible. Budgeting becomes much easier as well as the reporting inside your organisation.