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8 cyber security challenges leaders face

31 January, 2019

Working for a management that has not put cyber security high on the agenda is demanding. Depending on the industry and how digitally vulnerable a business is, it is a responsibility to know about risk in the IT systems and measures to reduce the risk as far as possible.

Here are 8 management challenges your management team should be able to answer:

1. What is your security calendar to prevent that operating and support systems fail?

2. Do you have a complete overview of all the hardware and software and services they run? It also includes services located in different clouds and with partners. How do you make sure they deliver according to what they say?

3. Do you have an overview of how all systems are related in relation to each other, so you can easily see which critical systems and data are affected by different events?

4.  Do you have an overview of business-critical systems and which systems affect life and health for their own and external?

5. Is your digital server just a firewall? How do you analyze logs of activity, attacks and network events that occur within your own network?

6. How is the protection of your data? Verifiable data must be available, have integrity and not be misled. Do you always encrypt everything? Do you have a working solution to avoid data loss in place?

7. Do you have many more identities with access to networks, systems and data than there are employees and partners? Do you have a neat entry and exit of new users and digital identities?

8. Most data breaches occur by the attacker using known errors and security holes in applications and software. Do you have a good and routine update procedure? 

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