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This is how we handle the Covid-19 pandemic

We are all aware that we are in the middle of a demanding situation related to the spread of the corona virus. In this very special situation, we must all take our precautions as well as help keep the wheels of our society going. We all have a joint responsibility to do our best to participate in the task of preventing further spread of the Covid-19 virus.

The IT-industry plays an important role in keeping the community going, and we at Pedab do our outmost to ensure that all our customers and partners get the help and support you need. We also consider it important that we, who have the opportunity to work, also do so, so that the economy will suffer less damage in the future.

At Pedab, we have taken our precautions and are always following the advice of public authorities to ensure the health of our employees, reduce infection and maintain normal operations and support for our ecosystem. We have therefore implemented various actions on how we operate in order to keep the business as normal as possible:

  • All employees can be contacted on their mobile numbers or e-mail. Find your contact person  here.
  • Our office is staffed with a minimum number each day to receive and forward goods. Otherwise, most of our employees are working from home.
  • All physical meeting activities, both externally and internally, have been transferred to digital meetings.
  • Our physical events scheduled for the next few months have been put on hold, and we will in future focus more on webinar as activities towards the market

We generally urge our partners to contact Pedab so that we can jointly find good solutions, secure deliveries and continue to do business. In these special and demanding times, we hope that you all stay healthy and take good care of yourselves and your loved ones.