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ImpactSphere™ – a game changer for the climate

Part of the Business Innovation Program

In Denmark, ImpactSphere™ has recently joined the Business Innovation Program as a part of the company’s growth strategy. ImpactSphere is a sustainability tool developed to measure, simulate and report on the environmental impact on service and manufacturing companies and their value chains.

Sustainability reporting and production simulation tool

With ImpactSphere™ it is possible to measure a company’s impact and automatically create reports that meet the EU requirements for climate and ESG reporting, but ImpactSphere™ is much more than a climate reporting tool. ImpactSphere™ is a common sustainability framework and tool that can handle any quantifiable impact, including data linked to measuring environmental, human, and economic impacts as well as good governance.

We have great aspirations for ImpactSphere. The technology can help solve challenges for many production companies worldwide. We are excited to be part of their journey and to be able to offer this production tool to our Ecosystem” tells Kim Nielsen, Managing Director of Pedab Denmark.

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