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Municipalities in Skåne choose the intelligent network of the future

What was the challenge?

The five municipalities Bjuv, Klippan, Perstorp, Åstorp and Örkelljunga saw that greater network capacity and bandwidth, especially within the schools, was required. The old technology had limitations, especially from the growing development of high-resolution video. The municipalities had different solutions from different suppliers so the first step was to find out what products and network solutions each municipality had.

Which solution did they choose?

Thanks to the creation of a joint IT unit – IT 4K – for the five municipalities in Skåne, it was also possible to carry out a cross-municipal procurement of the network of the future. The IT companies Proact and Pedab were able to offer the new WiFi 6 technology from Huawei, with up to four times higher capacity compared to WiFi 5. A unified environment and supplier was created to be able to control and manage the environment in the best way.

What was the result?

Over a three-year period, started in January 2020, nearly 1,000 Huawei CloudEngine switches and 1,400-2,500 access points will be set up in the five municipalities. Already at the initial phase of the implementation, the IT 4K unit has seen a clear improvement in network capacity.

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