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Telemedicine - The future monitoring of patients' health

What was the challenge?

Imagine you have a chronic disorder, COPD, diabetes or heart failure, and need regular medical follow-up. Imagine being able to get the necessary medical supervision at your home, every day. Imagine what security it would be to know that your health status could be monitored and evaluated every day without having to consult a doctor or hospitalized.

Which solution did they choose?

Siemens Healthineers provides a system for follow-up of patients with various chronic disorders where the patient himself or herself issues regular reports of his or her health condition directly to the municipality's health personnel. Thorvald Floden at Siemens Healthineers explains: “The whole thing comes in a suitcase containing a tablet and what is needed for measuring equipment, eg. pulse oximeter, blood pressure monitor, blood glucose meter, weight or thermometer. Home care delivers the suitcase at home to the patient and provides training, which in parenthesis is a very simple affair, because the system is intuitive and has a clear user interface.

What was the result?

Pedab has designed and delivered the UEM (Unified Endpoint Management) system, which is the central tool that controls the use of the tablet. The most important thing has been to make the use as simple as possible for the patient. That means the tablet is dedicated to this one purpose and cannot be used for web browsing or anything else. Furthermore, it means that users only see exactly what they need - there are no technical challenges or complicated procedures. When the board is registered in the system, it is ready for use and the patient can begin reporting to the central health service of the municipality.

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