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Takes full responsibility for customers' IT Security

What was the challenge?

Tussa, a Norvegian company, is specialized in telecommunications, IT and sale of energy and communication products. Tussa has invested heavily in fibre infrastructure for thousands of private households and regional industry. Most of the Tussa customers, mainly in the shipping, marine, furniture and finance industries, are running their business across the world through local companies and the security subject is a main challenge. Data goes back and forth across borders and the fear of data being lost is real. Cybercrime is no longer a theoretical risk, but something that hits businesses around the world every single day, often with disastrous consequences. "We gradually noticed that more and more of our customers did not feel fully responsible for their IT security, but relied on us" says Dyrhovden. "Of course, we did as much as we could with firewalls, spam filters and such, but with increasingly complicated security challenges we had to realize that we did not get hold of the big threat picture. We lacked the expertise to develop a more integrated solution, especially in data analysis, and we started looking for a partner in security. "

Which solution did they choose?

We have built a solution that monitors the customer's infrastructure and captures irregularities in logs and data traffic. The system identifies real threats and negates false alarms. And our analysts take care of the real, report and clean up with Tussa's own staff" explains Henning Gaalaas, Sales Manager at Pedab Managed Security Service (MSS). The heart of the system is Tussa's new data center, a modern, environmentally friendly facility that was completed in 2015. "Perhaps the most important thing - in addition to the security system itself - is that all data for all our customers is located here, in Norway. Not only does it feel better for customers, but it also involves a real reduction of risk, "adds Norodd Dyrhovden before continuing:" This has become a very good solution, both for us and our customers. The close, ongoing collaboration with Pedab makes the solution easy to understand, to demonstrate and to sell, and of course we are open about Pedab's role in the collaboration - they are the ones who are responsible for the heavy analysis work. Pedab reports on irregularities and we then follow up with the customer, precisely because we can solve many challenges at short notice, 24/7 if necessary. This helps us have a stronger proximity with the customers and not only on security "

What was the result?

Both parties are delighted with the cooperation so far. Henning Gaalaas describes the collaborative process as exciting, fun and informal, while Norodd Dyrhovden appreciates the mutual trust and the fact that collaboration creates business for both parties and value increase for Tussa's customers. "Besides," he concludes, "because of this we have customers we would never have gotten.”

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