Cybersecurity is strategic and proactive

Cybersecurity has in many cases gone from being a necessary evil to becoming an integral part of core operations. The focus is quickly shifting from firewalls, antivirus and other perimeter protection, to encompassing internal information management, data flows and business processes. In addition, there are growing expectations for proactive rather than reactive protection.

Cybersecurity is a broad concept that usually includes both IT (technology) security and information security.

  • Mindset – human security plan, governance, and information classification.
  • Intelligence and forensic: strategic intelligence, testing, incident response, and active cyber defence.
  • Technical security: network security, security tools, applications security, store and back-up.

The cybersecurity market is growing significantly, and much than the rest of the IT marketing.  Growth is higher the more strategic an area becomes. Technical security has the lowest growth of the sub segments, around 3-5 percent in European countries,whereas the strategically oriented consultancies can expect a growth over 30, perhaps even 50 percent.

Of the disruptive technology areas, security problems are largest for Internet of Things, IoT. Connected ventilation systems and even aquariums are among the concrete cases of serious incidents in recent years. And just as AI is a great tool for securing systems, it is the technology that more and more are using in order to improve attacks.