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Pedab´s Data & Analytics team

Pedab´s Data & Analytics  advance your data-driven and digital journey – a journey on which facts and insight fuel innovation, the decision-making process and culture. Becoming a data-driven organization is an individual journey in many stages.

No matter where you are in terms of progress and maturity, Pedab´s Data & Analytics team will help you advance and accelerate your data-driven and digital journey. Some of our customers have reached the exploration phase and are considering their first pilot, while others are at a more advanced stage and are now implementing intelligent technology solutions. However, what we have in common is a fundamental belief that facts and insight change companies for the better across the entire organization.

Magic things happen

We believe that when a company advance their data-driven and digital journey, they become more innovative, more democratic, and provide a better customer experience. And, as a result, their financial performance is improved. At Pedab we are convinced that becoming data driven and digital involves being able to leverage new technologies with their disruptive capabilities, such as AI, blockchain, and IoT. Getting this right is a complex task for many companies. This is why we possess these skills both inhouse and in our partner network. More.

Act now

Do data and analytics form part of your business strategy? Act now! Contact us today to discuss how you can get your data to work for you, improve your customer experience or increase your productivity. Looking forward to hear from you!

Kim Hiort Nielsen, Division Director – Data & Analytics. Call me at +45 507 701 55 or send an email to