GTEM Solutions – Telecom Expense and Mobility Management


In a strategic partnership with market leader A&B Groep, Pedab Group AB will start offering GTEM Solutions in the Scandinavian, Baltic and French markets to provide telecom expense and Mobility Management.

Pedab group AB delivers solutions for interaction and mobility. Today users are mobile which create a need to access information on multiple devices in an easy and secured way. Greater use of telecommunications services entail need for better control over these costs. GTEM Solutions is the leading provider of these services and we will together help our customers and partners to effectively manage their total communications environment.


About GTEM Solutions

Managing a large scale communications infrastructure is very difficult, almost unmanageable and can be an endless frustration for any large international business. GTEM Solutions has been a great success internationally. GTEM Solutions you will decrease your Telecom and IT costs, optimize your contracts and help you effectively manage your total telecom disbursement. The organization is independent and not affiliated with any vendor. You pay for the services provided by them. This independent position enables us to remain objective and alert and to therefore deal with all contract negotiations on your behalf. Furthermore, you will be able to validate invoices, manage your mobile devices and secure your data. And above all we will manage the platform for you so that your IT / Telecom team can focus on their main responsibilities. GTEM Solutions offers flexible pricing models based on client needs: Subscriptions, Gain Share, and Fixed Price.



  • We create value through negotiation
  • We assist you in dealing with difficult negotiators
  • We work with each client to understand their strategy and define the requirements and wishes
  • Preparation and implementation of RFI & RFP
  • Ensure all terms and conditions meet or exceed industry standards
  • We will ensure that SLA language and associated credits benefit your organization
  • Total review of your current inventory Review of your contracts to insure that billings are being rendered according to the provisions of the contracts
  • Invoice Audits
  • Track all bill disputes
  • Secure your companies data

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Auditing & Sourcing  Software as a Service [SaaS] Solution
 Short, mid and long term savings  Platform tailored to your specific business needs
 Optimization  Operational Support



Pedab have seen a growing demand for solutions that enable users with mobile while company can control costs from telecom operators. We are therefore pleased to help our partners to look at new business opportunities for its clients with GTEM Solutions. Would you like to know more about GTEM Solutions and how we can reduce your customers’ telecom costs together with you? Please call +47 47657700 or send an e-mail to Roger Ison-Haug.



We assist you with contract optimization | We assist you in re-negotiation of current contracts | We assist you in new contract negotiations