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New Business models

We believe that the exponential growth of computing power and new technologies will open up new, profitable, and amazing opportunities and reshape all industries in ways we hardly can imagine. Organizations need to address these opportunities in their own unique way.

Most organizations embark on their transformation journey of becoming more data-driven and digital by validating their business model. This is a process where you ask yourself if there are new ways to deliver, create, and capture value. For you? For your competitors? For disruptive newcomers?

The answer is most likely yes. Technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and Blockchain enable companies to provide everything from a more personalized product to maintaining collaborative ecosystems. In parallel, the IT vendors have updated their way of selling IT, which opens up for more flexible and value-based commercial models. Some organizations use new technology to improve their existing models, whereas others make more fundamental changes.

There are many possible starting points. The one that tends to inspire and progress the most, is to start the process by looking at your data across the organization and the functions. Be open-minded, curious, and interested in what the data tells you. Data-driven machine-learning is an excellent source of innovation. Interestingly enough, needs are often identified through inefficiencies and will direct you to where to start.

Digitalize your processes and systems

In most organizations, data can be found in silos, i.e. in disparate sources. Combining data from these different sources into one single, unified view, in an automated way, will unlock the true value of your data. It will also allow your teams to spend their time on executing the core strategies which boost the overall productivity. Combining data in new ways is the fundament for innovation.

Start your digital and data-driven journey by identifying small projects that are aligned with your overall strategy. Then look for teams where the culture is right. Typically, the teams you select to work with, should have an interest in innovation and be able to think in new ways. They should also demonstrate a genuine trust in teamwork and collaboration. We also recommend that you prioritize projects that have a high probability of an early win. Success drives organizational confidence and will attract more departments to join. A high project momentum is super important to progress your data-driven journey.

Invest in technology platforms that enable you to focus on your core business as well as to create value for your customers. This will allow you to automate internally but even more importantly it prepares you for future growth. In most cases, you need to invest in complementing solutions that embrace the latest technologies.

Our resources

At Pedab we believe that technology and data is in the core of all new business transformation. We have the experience and the ecosystem to help you advance in both these key areas. We are proud to be working with some of the most innovative solutions in the market and can create solutions and commercial models that are aligned with your business priorities.

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