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Patient-centric Clinical Trial to improve the life of many

11 February, 2020

Patient-centric clinical trails to improve the life of many

Signant Health operates globally the field of patient technology, providing solutions that make it easier for people to participate in, and for research sites and study teams to run, clinical trials.

“The best partners are defined by their ability to offer you more than you expect. And this is exactly what Pedab does. Pedab’s experts are present and available to us 24/7. They possess true expertise on the product and can develop ideas with us about its new features. We couldn’t ask for more from a partner”. - Jaakko Anttonen, Signant Health

The company provides a platform for the collection of clinical data that combines advanced analytics with therapy area-specific scientific consultation. The platform has been used in over 4,000 clinical trials globally by the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organizations and biotechnology and academic institutions. Signant Health is the leading company in a growing industry where one of the main competitors for its technology is still pen and paper.

The pharmaceutical industry is growing rapidly, but the development and testing of new medicines and treatments is a very lengthy and costly process. The better the quality and timeliness of the data available at the research stage, the sooner and more reliably can the desired outcome be achieved – that is, gaining approvals from the regulatory authorities and ultimately, getting the medicine on the market. The cost of developing a drug is the sum of many factors: Naturally, it involves the resources that go into product development, but testing the product with the right target group also costs money. Large numbers of such research subjects need to be involved in the trial in different parts of the world.

What motivates the participants in a clinical trial to record the issues that are important for research? Naturally, one factor is the desire that the medicine being tested would help in improving the person’s own health. Often, another factor is the desire that the medicine could help other people in the future. If you’ve ever participated in a TV ratings research panel, you’ll know that it’s easy to lose motivation, however, especially if the reporting is difficult or complicated. How about if you are seriously ill in addition to this? In this case, you are not likely to tolerate any error messages, for example. One of the key success factors in medical trials is to make reporting at home as convenient as possible while ensuring adherence to the designed data collection routines required by the regulatory authorities.

Jaakko Anttonen, Signant Health

Signant Health’s vision has been from day one to develop a dedicated platform that could serve all the needs related to data collection in clinical trials, also on BYOD (bring your own device) model. In choosing the technology for the solution, the main criteria were the customisability of the user interface as well as its compliance with the United States Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Signant Health found that the Pedab UEM solution meets both these criteria. Other product features that were seen important include the possibility to update the app versions and report the device status, a straightforward installation process, and the possibility to remotely reset the devices if necessary.

Roger Ison-Haug, Security Division Leader, Pedab Group

Pedab Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) scales from just a few users to thousands of users. Delivered from best-in-class cloud solution powered by IBM Maas360 ®, the solution is fast, simple and flexible to deploy. Its open platform makes integration with existing apps and infrastructure seamless and straightforward. Around-the-clock customer support and services are available to maximize success and a quick return on investment.  Learn more about Pedab UEM here