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SAP BusinessObjects 4.3 is now available

11 August, 2020

In the new release of BusinessObjects BI 4.3 you will find a new and modern user interface and a number of new features. With SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.3, you can now fulfil your on-premise needs while leveraging the strength of the cloud platform, accelerating your digital transformation.

BusinessObjects BI 4.3 provides an improved integration between SAP BusinessObjects BI and SAP Analytics Cloud and enabling organizations to manage all types of analytics.

As most organizations are working with mixed landscapes with on-premise and cloud, SAP BusinessObjects will let the customers get the best of both worlds: robustness of BusinessObjects combined with modern & intelligent analytics in the cloud.

The three focus areas of improvements in SAP BusinessObjects 4.3

A new hybrid structure

  • Enhanced SAP Analytics Cloud live connectivity
  • Simplified SSO configuration and user management
  • Analytics Hub integration


A better user experience

  • New Fiorified BI Launch Pad, with a modern look and feel
  • One HTML5 Web Intelligence client
  • New Web Intelligence Data Management
  • Customer enhancements to key BI suite components as Applications, Notifications, Scheduling and Publications.


Enhanced Enterprise Readiness

  • Simplified installation and deployment
  • High Security & Compliance Standards
  • Administrator Tools
  • Improved Audit Functionalities


Maintenance and support
Maintenance will be extended to 2025 and support at least to 2027.

SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform 4.3 can be installed as a new installation or as an in-place upgrade of an existing SBOP BI 4.2 installation. Please note that as of 4.3, desktop client applications are 64-bits applications.

License Key
You must get a new license key for your BI 4.3 installation. It will not work with your previous BI 4.2 license key.

From a Technical aspect SAP BI 4.3 should be a simple upgrade for most organizations. However, you should consider investing in new hardware with modern OS and use SAP’s migration tools for the upgrade.

Pedab has comprehensive experience as a supplier of IT infrastructure and with our competence and expertise we can help you with configuration of SAP-certified servers for your specific needs.

What’s new in SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.3

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