Cybersecurity aims to secure digital information from unauthorized individuals or groups. The cybersecurity domain includes everything from strategic digital security and crisis management to the technical parts of digital security.

The main trend now is a shift of focus from technical security which includes perimeter defense, firewalls, and anti-virus software to information security services and strategic consulting.

With the digitization, both within the private and the public sector, there is an increasing awareness regarding cybersecurity. This is also an area where companies are planning on investing in the coming years with high growth expected in Europe.

Grow your Security business with Pedab

Pedab are experts in the area of security. Pedab is working with a strong portfolio and leading vendors. We understand that every customer is unique, and Pedab and our strong ecosystem guide partners and customers to the right solutions.

  • Pedab has the domain expertise in an area that is growing and developing every day.
  • Pedab recommends solutions on basis of customer needs and demands. We have in-depth knowledge of our vendors product and solutions portfolios, and we have the personal networks in place.
  • Pedab´s flexibility and experienced specialist competence in areas like agreement models, license models, bundles (OEM) and much more, as well as a dedication to compliance, allows for the optimal solutions.

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