Software solutions – Embedded Solutions

Software solutions – Embedded Solutions

Bundle competence and automate the delivery

Competitiveness is about creating and leveraging advantages that enable a business to outperform its competitors. Today knowledgeable customers demand the same perceived value, while paying less. When the customer is in the driver´s seat suppliers must find new ways to win over competition.

Pedab´s solution

Our solution is to bundle the intellectual capital with the product into a service and then automate the delivery of the service.

Clearly defined unique values for the end-customer is the key to success and the starting point for the work we do. In close corporation we map opportunities and challenges, and then we use the output to build the service. The service can be sold direct or via a reseller.

Pedab has the competence and our unique framework. In addition, we have the vendor relations, product competence, administrative foundation, and system management in data center and the cloud.

  • Pedab has ten years of experience in more than 125 executed projects in the Nordic.
  • We work with start-ups as well as multi international enterprises.
  • Our framework and specialist competence enable us to commercialize and digitize with lower risk and higher margins.

Contact us. We would be honored to be invited to you to explain how your company can add your value to your market and your customers, through working with bundled competence and automated services.

Software solutions - Embedded Solutions