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Micro focus

Identity management

Identity Governance and Administration

Managing user access has evolved into a complex IT and business governance issue with serious data security and compliance implications. Micro Focus Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) makes it possible for customers to manage identity and access holistically, obtaining the insights they need to manage data security and business operations, glean insight into how resources are being used, and provide information to the business to help make informed decisions that impact security, compliance, and IT and business governance. With this solution, your customers can:

  • Manage user identities—including people, applications, servers, devices, and the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Develop policies to identify roles and assign required access swiftly and efficiently.
  • Manage and automate user access across multiple applications in real time—an important point to ensure users remain within compliance as needs change or evolve.
  • Analyze user access to determine what access could be bundled and deployed in roles for low-risk use versus high-risk access, which requires additional approval and certification.

Secure Content Management

Secure Content Management suite helps you balance the requirements for collaboration and productivity with information security, privacy and compliance across enterprise systems. Authorized access, exposure and ongoing use of content from business applications (including emails and SharePoint/O365) and database applications is managed with reduced risk, complexity and cost. Content is analyzed for sensitivity and risk, classified accordingly with policy applied to govern access and retention. Powerful search coupled with policy-based management makes it easier to find the permissible data you are after. Unstructured content can be managed in-place or moved to a secure repository while data extracted from system databases has security and access controls applied prior to being intelligently archived to support future reporting and access needs.