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Micro focus


Application Security: Fortify

Fortify offers end-to-end application security solutions with the flexibility of testing on-premises and on-demand to cover the entire software development lifecycle. Complete software security assurance with Fortify on Demand -our application security as a service – integrates static, dynamic and mobile AppSec testing with continuous monitoring for web apps in production.

Fortify will make Security life easier, as it is:
  • Automated & Actionable
  • Integrated with Existing Tools & Processes
  • Easy to Start and Scalable

Security Operations: ArcSight

Micro Focus ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) is a comprehensive real-time threat detection, analysis, workflow, and compliance management SIEM platform with increased data enrichment capabilities. ArcSight ESM detects and directs analysts to cybersecurity threats, in real time, helping SecOps teams respond quickly to indicators of compromise. By automatically identifying and prioritizing threats, teams avoid the cost, complexity and extra work associated with being alerted of false positives. ESM allows SecOps organizations the ability to have a centralized, powerful view into their multiple environments creating workflow efficiency for streamlined processes. Through improved detection, real-time correlation, and workflow automation, SOC teams can resolve incidents quickly and accurately.

Data Security: Voltage

Micro Focus Data Security drives data-centric security innovation with encryption and tokenization solutions. We enable the world’s leading brands to neutralize data breach impact for data at rest, in motion and in use by de-identifying sensitive information. Data security solves the industry’s biggest challenge by simplifying data protection across complex legacy and modern IT.

What We Do:

  • Format-Preserving Encryption
  • Secure Stateless Tokenization
  • Stateless Key Management

Why We Help:

  • Neutralize breach impact through data de-identification
  • Enable usable protected data for applications and analytics
  • Extend data security from legacy to hybrid IT without gaps