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SUSE, the Open Open Source company

SUSE works with an ecosystem of partners and communities to deliver enterprise-grade, open source software-defined infrastructure and application delivery solutions, backed by superior service and support.

For SUSE, open means more than software. It is a business model and a culture. Leveraging the Linux heritage, SUSE delivers the truly open source solutions, flexible business practices, lack of enforced vendor lock-in, and exceptional service and support that your digital transformation demands.

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"We are the Open Source Company."

Open Source is in SUSE's genes. Open to SUSE means more than shared source code. It's a philosophy and approach that informs everything theye do. It's how they develop software, how they work with partners and customers, and how they engage with communities. Most of all, it's about keeping their minds open to new ideas.

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Peter Jansson, VP Software Management
+46 8 5872 3710

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