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The modern workplace has high expectations on technology

Every workplace must consider how to optimize their workspace and create an IT environment that meets the needs of today’s workforce.

A modern, efficient office does not only result in higher employee productivity and satisfaction but also in cost savings. Furthermore, it takes the environment into consideration and operates in a sustainable way. Pedab offers a complete IT equipment solution for the always-on-the-go workforce of today. They need devices that are flexible enough to suit their varied requirements, including superior connectivity and security.

Our product portfolio is carefully chosen, and consists of endpoint devices (desktops, laptops & tablets), monitors, printers, servers and storage from leading vendors in the market. We sell through a thoroughly selected network of qualified resellers. Thanks to our modern warehouse and configuration center we offer logistics services as well as configuration in order to tailor the devices to the needs of each customer.

As a niche player with a leading-edge selection of products from well-known vendors, we maintain a high level of knowledge and quality in our services, making the life easier for our resellers. We help with choosing the right products, support with procurement, stock balance and price, and finally configure and deliver on time.


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