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Content Analytics 360°

Creates connections and analyzes

Drive better decisions

Successful organizations gain strategic advantages over their competition using facts, evidence, and analysis to make decisions about their business, by combining data from a variety of data sources and human knowledge. They turn data into a strategic asset and use it to drive better decisions, improve efficiency, reduce risk, and enable better customer relationships.

Connect multiple data sources

The fundament of a data-driven organization is trusted data from various sources. Trusting your data without any reservations allows you to progress full steam ahead. However, in many organizations data is stored in different spreadsheets, on-premise databases, and cloud databases, which makes it almost impossible to ensure that everyone in the organization bases business decisions on the same data.

Packaged service with a predefined scope

Content Analytics 360° is available as a packaged service with a predefined scope and service level agreement. The service is based on SAP Analytics and IBM Watson Technology. This comprehensive package includes solutions for business intelligence, predictive analytics, and decision management, performance management and risk.

Total picture of your business

Content Analytics 360°

Planning, budgeting, and predictive analysis

Whether you’re working on financial planning, sales or marketing, Content Analytics 360° enables businesses to make decisions with confidence. The solution brings together all business analyses, financial planning applications, and data visualization in one service. Content Analytics 360° helps you in your continuous analytics and scheduling cycle and allows you to streamline workflows across your organization.

One collaboration platform

Content Analytics 360° provides employees with a common platform for collaboration in the analysis and planning process where they can link strategic, financial and operational plans together, based on one and the same version of the truth. Machine learning and built-in artificial intelligence provide insight and simplify access to critically important information.

The solution enables employees to use scheduling, predictive analytics, visualization, and decision support features to measure performance, analyze trends, compare scenarios, and make real-time forecasts. In one and the same solution, users can analyze both the past and present as they plan for the future, instead of having to  connect data from different applications.

Total picture of your business

Whether your data is stored in spreadsheets, on-premise systems, databases in the cloud or a combination of all three, you will easily be able to collect, assess, combine and analyze data. By collecting data from several different sources in real-time and visually analyzing the information, you acquire a total picture of your business and an essential basis for planning and decision-making.

Why Content Analytics 360°?
  • Planning, budgeting, and predictive analysis – all in one product
  • The mobile app gives you access to your real-time analytics, anytime, anywhere
  • Secure data sharing and control
  • Dynamic KPIs and Dashboards that can be filtered and modified for different views and data
  • “What if” planning scenarios
  • Easy to get started and easy to use
The solution includes
  • Access to the solution via PC, tablet or mobile phone
  • Upgrades
  • Infrastructure and back-up
  • Support
  • Low cost, a monthly fee for predictability and control
  • Scalable;  configures to your needs as your business changes
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