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Intelligent Technologies

Pedab Analytics Solution

Managed platform for Business Intelligence

Make facts widely available

Organizations that have integrated data into their day-today operations enable their staff members to read, work, analyze, and argue with data. Making facts widely available results in performance gains throughout the organization. Data-driven and digital organizations will over time become more innovative, more democratic and provide a better overall customer experience than those who have less knowledge of leveraging the value of data.

Business intelligence platform

Pedab Analytics Solution is a managed business intelligence platform. It comes with a complete and secure hosted technology platform to offload you all technology hassle and need for specialized resources.

We take care of installation, license management, configuration, monitoring, upgrades, updates, back-up and hosting. We also establish the connections between the BI solution and your databases or your data warehouse.

The Pedab Analytics Solution provides a wide range of functionality to help you understand and use your data. It provides historical, current and predictive views of business operations. Everyone in your organization can use this tool to view or create business reports, analyse data, and monitor events and metrics so that they can make effective business decisions.

The solution is sold as a service, which means that you pay a predictable cost per month for Pedab Analytics Solution. The cost is based on number of users and selected services.

Pedab´s helpdesk provides 1st line support during business hours. We are just a phonecall away.

Additional services

Pedab, together with our skilled and experienced ecosystem, is here to help you to get as much value out of your investments in your digitalization journey as possible. The additional services and competences we can provide are for example creation of data models, report design, data quality management, and training.

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Pedab Analytics Solution