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Data & analytics

Data & analytics

Develop your understanding

Data is more plentiful and valuable than ever. Business systems and business users produce, consume and process huge amounts of data. The good news is that this data can be supplemented and augmented in many ways, with the use of intelligent technologies.

Although exploring potential solutions and technologies is not the first step of your data-driven journey, it might be one of the most exciting and interesting. This stage, which follows strategy and planning, is the stage where an organization develops an understanding of how the new technologies can help, and how to deploy new solutions with realistic expectations and successful outcomes.

Build your network of external partners

Many organizations find it challenging to gain even a basic understanding of what new technologies can do. Not only are the technologies complex, they are also continually evolving. Leaders and executives cannot be expected to have in-depth expertise in technology. The same goes for the rest of the organization, digital transformation is most likely not their core skill.

But, as technology is important in virtually all business functions and as it has an exceptional impact, it is important that you – as an organization – “get” what the technologies do and in what circumstances data can be put to work.  Internal education, yes – but this might also be a good time to build a network of supporting external partners. Most likely you will benefit teaming with a partner that can help you to validate your technology selections and identify areas in which the new technologies can be applied.

Mature intelligent technologies

There are many mature intelligent technologies and the list grows rapidly. One of the most talked-about technologies is blockchain. The value of blockchain is that it adds a layer of security and transparency to a process. Artificial intelligence (AI) is another well-known technology. It mimics human intelligence and human´s ability to see, hear, and learn. A third example is Internet of Things (IoT), where you connect physical devices in a network. Of course, these technologies can also be used together; e.g. sensors track how your customers use your products and then AI is used for analysis, while blockchain delivers the data capture

These, and many other new technologies are said to be “disruptive” – for a good reason. Now, new technology that replaces an established technology has happened many times during history. But what is new is the speed and low cost of scaling for the digital based new entrants. This is of course a threat if you are a late adopter, but a tremendous opportunity if you embark on the digital journey now.

Quick and easy start with our ready-made solutions

Pedab, together with our ecosystem, is here to help you establish enough knowledge about how and where the intelligent technologies impact your business models. We guide you to a deeper understanding of technology, and technology selections, to enable your organization to establish an informed opinion and prepare for the next step.


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