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For innovation projects

Business Innovation Program

Accelerate and scale your business

To help you build and design your solution with growth in mind from the beginning, we invite you to the Business Innovation Program.

Do you have an innovation project or early-stage business within emerging tech e.g., AI, blockchain, and a vision of expanding your business into new markets? What you need is a secure enterprise IT platform that enables you to scale even with larger customers globally.

We invite you to the Business Innovation Program, through your Business Innovation Hub (e.g. scientific part or innovation hub). This program is run by Pedab and IBM together, for the simple purpose of helping early-stage businesses to a scalable IT platform. We work closely with Business Innovation Hubs that are actively involved in their members, in areas like product development or marketing, to make sure there is an alignment between business and IT.

The team

A dedicated local person from Pedab will be on your side throughout the program, to make you get as much out of the program as possible. Not only are they focused on your success, but they all also have long experience in the IT industry, and are well connected to IBM Innovation EcoSystem.

Markku Luoto
Markku Luoto

Business Unit Manager - Finland

Gry Nejstgaard

Business Development Manager