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Trusted partner for financing IT and manufacturing equipment

Are you looking for a competent partner for financing your IT equipment?

Pedab offers flexible payment options to help companies finance all kinds of IT and manufacturing equipment.

Cash flow and cash reserves are more important to businesses now than ever. We offer competitive rates and flexible payment options to help optimize your cash flow and accelerate the value from your technology investments.

Since 2008 we have been providing customized financing solutions to customers, co-operating with many of the oldest and largest banks and insurance companies, and worked with global IT equipment and technology suppliers. We can help companies manage credit risks and optimize their working capital.

More than 80% of companies’ technology investments are financed. Our financing team strives to find a financing solution for everyone, from start-ups to multinationals.

Whatever IT equipment, solutions or manufacturing devices that you and your company choose or evaluate right now, contact us and we will work out the financial concepts together to ensure that your investments are financed as efficiently as possible!

Our financing options


Rental is applied when the economic life of the products is relatively short. Servers and computers are typical investment objects that may be suitable for this type of financing. Rental means that you as a customer can return the products after the end of the financing period, without commitment to buy-out. If, on the other hand, you want to keep the products longer, you prolong the rental period and if you want to buy the equipment, it is done to market value.



Leasing is applied when the equipment is regarded to have a financial value after the agreed financing period. Unlike rental, leasing means that the customer agrees to buy or assign another buyer of the equipment after the leasing period. The purchase is made at a cost level determined by the financing period and the equipment’s financial value in relation to the financing period.


Framework agreement

Whether you decide to rent or lease, you can sign a framework agreement with Pedab Finance. We have deep expertise in managing ongoing or concurring investments. Together we plan the financing needs on a half-yearly basis and adjust if needed. Collecting the investments in a framework agreement means that we can offer even better terms and conditions for your benefit.


Choosing financing through us means that you also get access to favorable full-risk insurances. For IT equipment, we offer insurances without deductibles and with compensation for equivalent models and performance. For manufacturing equipment the deductible is SEK 3,000 and the level of compensation takes the equipment’s value reduction into consideration.

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Jari Pohjonen
Jari Pohjonen

CEO / VD Pedab Finance Sweden

Chris Fleming
Chris Fleming

Senior Advisor Pedab Sweden

Marianne Hoel Støylen

Inside Sales Pedab Finance Norway