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Infrastructure & Platforms

Simplify the infrastructure and fuel digital transformation


Planning for the future has always been a part of the present. Therefore, it is critical for organizations to define the overall objective of their digital journey – and for Pedab to advise on the right strategies for this journey, finding the spot-on technologies and competencies.

Pedab’s Infrastructure & Platforms team helps organizations simplify and transforms their infrastructure with best-of-breed technologies and solutions.

We aspire to bring agility, inspiration and innovation to our ecosystem. We fuel our ecosystem by building competencies and knowledge in our main infrastructure areas: technology, consultants, and Pedab solutions.


Pedab’s Infrastructure & Platforms team simplifies and transforms infrastructure in the following areas:

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"Organizations that are able to find a way to implement the right technologies, thus optimizing their business offerings, will undoubtably have a significant advantage in the market."

Jonas Vallin, Director, Infrastructure & Platforms, Pedab Group