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Pedab Backup Solution for MSP

Make your BaaS offering a revenue engine

Pedab Backup Solution for MSP

Make your BaaS offering a revenue engine

Pedab Backup Solution for MSP

Pedab Backup Solution for MSP (Managed Service Providers) is designed to help ease some of the pains for MSPs when choosing and maintaining their backup.

We have bundled a solution that will make it easy for MSPs to manage many customers and make your BaaS offering a revenue engine. With Pedab Backup Solution for MSP, you will get a complete software package bundled with top-class support, all installed in your own datacenter on a pay-as-you-go model.

With Pedab Backup Solution for MSP, you will have a service into your service that will help optimize your revenue. We have combined our solution with top-class support that will cooperate with your IT staff to make the best possible solution available in the market.


What is the value?

  • Easily manage 1000 of clients with our Cloud Portal
  • Complete package, ready for MSPs
  • Recovery Assurance, restore to other hardware (C/P/V2C/P/V), automated restore tests
  • Technical partnership to provide an optimized solution
  • Pay-as-you-go! We charge you for what you are using and providing you an operational cost.
  • Workshop / training included in start-up fee


How does it apply?

  • Cloud Portal: Self-service customer portal incl billing functionalities to make it easy to support and invoice thousands of customers.
  • Recovery Assurance: Automated restore tests and possibility to restore/migrate to any new hardware or virtual machine (C/P/V2C/P/V)
  • Enterprise backup software: Best-in-class reliability, ransomware detection and GDPR features, all included with high data reduction for storage optimization
  • Partner Technical Support: For many years, our technical experts have helped thousands of customers to optimize their IT environments and respond effectively to business demands.
  • Partner Pre-Sales Support: To help our customers increase sales, deploy more effectively and accelerate.

Data Protection responsibility in a multi-cloud world

How can you as a Managed Service Provider support your customers with challenges of the new cloud world?
Download our e-book and find out how to capitalize on Pedab backup services.