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All Flash Storage

Do more with less

All Flash Storage

We see that a key driver of flash investment – and where we are going to see development and purchases growing rapidly – is flash for high production performance.

​The use cases that we currently see emerge are mission-critical transactional databases, analytics and high-performance computing workloads, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and streaming assets for the broadcasting and medical industries, where all flash storage has proven successful.

Top priorities when choosing All Flash Storage:

  • Performance (IOPS): All-flash array (AFA) leverage flash to accelerate performance will allow for same performance with significantly fewer disks, spinning or otherwise.
  • Scalability: By understanding present and future needs, it is possible to avoid immediate need for a new system just to get more capacity.
  • Availability:  99.999% is a common availability measurement for enterprise storage, it’s however important to understand what’s behind the numbers.
  • Total cost of ownership: Considering the cost per IOPS, cost per TB and ongoing management/support costs combined with deduplication and compression, is key to understanding the true cost.


We are here to help 

We are here to help our customers to benefit, from the many possibilities that AFA offers the modern datacenter. Gathering information about your workloads and application requirements are key to understand if AFA architecture is the right way to go.

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