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CloudCampus SaaS


CloudCampus SaaS

​Many challenges face SMEs for Campus Networks. The high initial investment is one of the challenges that make it difficult for budgets to be approved. Traditional solutions provide poor Wi-Fi coverage as a result of lack of professional planning and construction. Furthermore, the traditional solutions provide low level of automation and complex O&M as a result of diverse environments.

Wi-Fi as service enables small and medium enterprises to access fast, reliable, and secure without the requirement of installing or managing connectivity. It also provides, 24/7 Monitoring capabilities, easy to manage the network, Customer flow analysis and more value-added service

Top priorities when choosing CloudCampus SaaS

  • Network-as-a-Service for SMEs: Lower initial investment through subscription service, better Wi-Fi quality, optimal user experience faster and easier network deployment.
  • MSPs provide managed-LAN services: A unified multi-tenant management platform, fully automated network O&M and inspection and OPEX reduction.
  • Value-Added Services: Richer VASs (e.g. navigation and advertising) for enterprises, enhance customer stickiness and increases competitive edge.


We are here to help

We are here to help to ensure that the customers benefit from the possibilities that CloudCampus provide. The right solution, right hardware and right setup is our responsibility to a better and more sustainable solution.

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