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Sap Hana

A platform for the Intelligent Enterprise

As the digital transformation progresses, the demand for running  a powerful, scalable platform for enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management (SCM), or customer relationship management (CRM) increases.

By deploying SAP HANA®, corporations get better insights from their data. We see that more applications migrate to the platform, thus demands on SAP HANA® environments will continue to change. Thus, choosing the right architecture, which allows for the scalability and reliability that SAP applications require, is critical.

Top priorities when choosing architecture

  • Scalability: The lack of scalability may result in companies having to implement fragmented developments or increasingly complex IT setups. This is insufficient and costly in the long run.
  • Reliability: As the architecture is going to run some of the most critical platforms for the companies, proven reliability is critical to ensure maximum uptime.
  • Scale affordably: Corporations should consider granular capacity allocations, performance per core and sharing processor capacity provided by the infrastructure to keep costs in check.

We are here to help

With our support customers will be able to benefit from manipulating, extracting, and analysing large volumes of live transactional data, all in real time, without interruption to business operations.

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