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Storage for containers

Allowing applications to scale and perform

Storage for containers

We see that corporations have dramatically increased their use of container technology, as use cases rapidly show success. The general use cases that we currently see is a mix between new cloud-native workloads and delivery of traditional workloads as micro services.

Containers are an open source technology that allows to package an application so it can be run, with its dependencies, isolated from other processes. This offers corporations the versatility of virtual machines – but at a much smaller footprint and cost.

We see that persisting data with high availability and data protection is one of the biggest barriers for container adoption in the enterprise for production workloads.


Top priorities when choosing architecture

  • Scalability: As lack of scalability may require some companies to implement fragmented developments or increasingly complex IT setups. This is insufficient and costly in the long run.
  • Agility: An S3 platform for backup will allow companies save data in their own cloud environment and enable them to reboot or reuse applications as the business grows.
  • Accessibility: This will allow the container applications to interact and not have latency, thus increasing the performance of the different applications.
  • Security: To have secured the storage pool of containers is essential for a rapid recovery and ensure a fast restore of any container application.


We are here to help

We are here to help ensuring that the right architecture be chosen, so customers are able to benefit from the ability the container technologies give. Ensuring the right setup just might kick-start the cloud transformation and adds a new level of agility.

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