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Wi-Fi 6 powered by 5G

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Wi-Fi 6 powered by 5G

Wi-Fi 6 powered by 5G

  • All-connected: Access from any number of terminals of any type and at any location
  • On-demand: Ultra-high bandwidth and ultra-low latency, accelerating key services
  • Always-on: Seamless roaming without packet loss for 100% stability


Why choose Wi-Fi 6?

  • ​Ultra-high bandwidth: Each participant in a 4K video conference needs 40 Mbit/s of bandwidth. The 1,024-QAM Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) delivers a stable, ultra-HD video experience to more than a dozen locations.
  • Ultra-high concurrency:  Connecting hundreds of terminals per time slice with overlapping coordination that multiplies the connections to many thousands, Wi-Fi 6 is ideal for enterprises that need stable connections to lots of locations. In particular, manufacturing enterprises benefit from the industry-standard technologies used by Wi-Fi 6 to ensure high concurrent capacity, transmission efficiency, and continuous operation.
  • Ultra-low latency: For Virtual Reality (VR) to seem real, it needs to respond really fast. The new Wi-Fi 6 transmission protocol, with OFDMA technology, reduces the latency by 60 percent compared to Wi-Fi 5 and ensures an immersive VR experience for every user.
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