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Pedab Security Operation Centre (SOC)

The foundation of Pedab Managed Security Services

The Pedab Security Operation Center (SOC) is a Managed Security Service (MSS) that identifies the most critical events in the company’s systems, networks and databases.

SOC is the cornerstone of our security services. From our SOC, market leading security services are created, operated and managed, designed for easy adoption by our customers.

We have realized that even smaller companies need complex security solutions, without having a large IT department. We believe that all companies, regardless of size, deserve the best solutions on the market.

Our SOC provides continuous security monitoring, incident analysis, counseling and mapping of vulnerabilities and threats. We are an extended arm of your IT department and we take this confidence very seriously. We allow customers to focus on their core areas – while monitoring and alerting if necessary.

We help you ensure that your security components work as agreed, giving you visibility into what is happening in your systems and infrastructure. One of our core values ​​is to uncover misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and threats so that they can be fixed before damage occurs.

We have a team of dedicated, solution-oriented senior analysts and operating staff with diverse backgrounds. We have a strong focus on training and certification of our employees – which we know will benefit our customers.

We do not close service tickets, we solve the problems. We understand that reporting and customer interaction is not a simple approach. We adapt to your processes and working methodology – we are here for you.

Key deliverables

  • Detection of vulnerabilities and reduction of false positive alarms
  • Detection of abnormal behavior in the infrastructure
  • Infrastructure visibility and documentation on your defense components
  • We scale to both small and large companies
  • Easy and simple integration with existing solutions
  • Access to our team of certified security analysts who know your needs

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