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Pedab Security Operation Centre (SOC)

Security Monitoring and Analytics

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When you are working with a SIEM solution you will meet some fundamental challenges. The first challenge is a constant changing threat environment. Secondly, organizational changes in the company that requires new or changes in the security architecture and policies, and lastly, a huge amount of data that needs to be monitored and analyzed.

Many companies do not have the resources to handle these challenges. They typically delegate the SIEM responsibility to employees in the network department, already having other responsibilities. This will reduce the available time to work with SIEM. And many expect that the product will “magically” understand the behavior of the company and automatically alert on real threats. So they don’t need the necessary competencies to understand the findings.  When they find out that SIEM demands a dedicated resources with available time they will try to hire an expert. Good luck. In Europe there is a growing lack of security knowledge in the marked and analysts are even harder to find.

Pedab acknowledges these challenges and offer SIEM customers help. Our team of security  analysts are certified and trained in identifying the real threats among the millions of false positives. They will alert you if a real threat occurs. In addition they will provide a daily report so you can, if you want, get a view on what has been going on in your infrastructure.

Many customers say that the Pedab analytic team is like having a security expert sitting next to them. Our team is not only skilled in SIEM related topics but also security in general and they are happy to share their knowledge.

In short, we will secure a good posture to the challenges above and be a trusted partner for security related questions.

Henning Gaalaas
Henning Gaalaas

Sales Manager, Security