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Pedab Security Operation Centre (SOC)

SIEM as a service

Improve your protection against cyber attacks

Advanced threath management and detection

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) as a service from Pedab is designed to collect logs and network traffic from a vast amount of log sources and network components. By collecting data you can analyze and report on security events across your infrastructure. You gain visibility in your on-premise and cloud systems, ensuring the ability to detect incidents that standalone security components won’t be able to identify. Most companies suffer from inadequate security reporting, limiting their ability to communicate incidents, risk levels and trends, using metrics relevant to each stakeholder effectively within the organization. SIEM as a service from Pedab utilizes a comprehensive analytics engine, to detect advanced security threats to your business and also reducing false-positives compared to other offerings on the market.

SIEM as a service from Pedab is flexible and versatile. There are different options available, both our cloud offering, where both multi-tenancy and a dedicated solution are available. If you are not ready to move to cloud for your logs yet, that’s fine we support on-premise solutions also.

Depending on the service and deployment models you select, key deliverables are:

  • Datacenter located in Europe, Norway
  • Level 1 and Level 2 support functions
  • Seamless integration with our Security analysts
  • High-performing cloud offering with personal support personnel
  • SIEM advisory services
  • Health checks
  • On-premise operations and customization available

The service is a perfect match for you that wants a fast approach to achieve the capabilities of a SIEM platform where Pedab has made it simple for you to buy and implement a SIEM solution. 

Delivery Model

Cloud, a hybrid approach or traditional on–premise installation

You can consume SIEM as Service from Pedab in different flavors from a Managed Cloud Offering, a hybrid approach or traditional onpremise installation.  

Henning Gaalaas
Henning Gaalaas

Sales Manager, Security