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Pedab Security Operation Centre (SOC)

Vulnerability scanning

A great security strategy starts with knowing your weaknesses

Identify your weaknesses

Vulnerable IT systems comes with unknown digital risk. A vulnerability management process will help mitigate the gap between high level security polices and real-life.  

Pedab will help you becoming more proactive. We’ll identify vulnerabilities and unsecure configurations before its to late. Pedab delivers vulnerability management with optional advisory from our Senior security analysts.  

Vulnerability Management is a fast and easy approach to greatly gain visibility and overview of your security posture. Often will small tasks such as installing a patch increase your security posture and minimize the possibility for an attacker to exploit a weakness.   

We recommend our customers to integrate Vulnerability Management and SIEM. Vulnerability data in a SIEM solution greatly increases the changes for the analyst to understand a real threat to your infrastructure.  

A standalone vulnerability scanner will often generate tedious long reports. It can be a huge task to verify the findings in the report – and do the correct prioritization for your business. If you combine the findings with data from your SIEM solution you can correlate the information and understand if the vulnerabilities are being exploited or if somebody is trying to do so. An integrated approach gives much more that just a SIEM and a vulnerability scanner, you’ll be able to prioritize the findings more easily, and be able to understand if a suspicious alert can be able to exploit your systems.  

Our SIEM solution can also be integrated with an already installed vulnerability scanners. We’ll guide you on how to proceed and discuss with the best options to achieve an integrated SIEM and Vulnerability visibility.  

Pedab delivers an integrated approach to SIEM and Vulnerability Management both on-premise and in the cloud with optional manual analysis from our Senior Security Analysts.  

Henning Gaalaas
Henning Gaalaas

Sales Manager, Security