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Security Information and Event Management

How SIEM adds value to your business

Pedab is a specialist in Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

SIEM provides security teams with centralized visibility into enterprise-wide security data and actionable insights into the highest priority threats. 

Our solution collect a vast amount of data throughout the enterprise to provide a comprehensive view of activity throughout on-premises and cloud-based environments. Then the real-time, automated security intelligence quickly and accurately detects and prioritizes threats. 

SIEM can serve as the anchor solution within a small, medium or large company’s security operation centre (SOC).

How SIEM adds value to your business

With SIEM, companies can: 
  • Gain comprehensive, centralized visibility across traditional on-premises IT, cloud-based and operational technology (OT) environments, all of which require some level of oversight to effectively protect assets, accurately detect threats and maintain compliance. 
  • Automate security intelligence to rapidly detect threats across multiple data sources including logs, events, network flows, user activity, vulnerability information and threat intelligence to identify known and unknown threats. 
  • Detect anomalous activity in network, user or system behaviour that may indicate unknown threats, such as malicious insiders, compromised credentials or fileless malware. 
  • Better manage compliance with pre-built content, rules and reports. SIEM provides the transparency, accountability and measurability critical to an organization’s success in meeting regulatory mandates and reporting on compliance. 

How we add value to your business

  • Advise on security control and reduction of digital risk, as well as the use of traditional security tools vs. new, intelligent security tools
  • Help onboarding new security customers
  • Mapping the security gap of their customers 
  • Scaling security solutions for customers
  • Bridging the gap between management and IT
  • Certified security experts and ecosystem of partners across Europe to assist you
  • Quick return on investment. You will get a service that does not require upfront investment if you want full service.
  • Offer our Pedab Security Operation Center (SOC), a managed security service that continues the advanced analytics of incidents where SIEM stops. Read more about Pedab SOC here.
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Customer reference - Tussa - Takes full responsibility for customers' IT Security

One particular challenge with doing business all over the world is that the loss of reputation due to security shortages and data loss has such a major impact. Many competitors and new customers who orient themselves to good references give little wobble for negative events such as security breaches.

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