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Intito - the future of business decisions

Part of the Business Innovation Program

Recently, Intito joined the program as part of its growth- and start-up plan in Norway. Intito is a business planning technology company that helps customers make data-driven business decisions and better management by automating repetitive processes. The company is well-founded in Finland and Sweden and is now ready to take on the Norwegian market. On this journey, the Pedab Business Innovation Program is part of Intito’s growth plan.

The Intito start-up in Norway

Intito is one of the biggest players within their field of business in the Nordic countries, but for Intito Norway to achieve success, it is not enough to simply rely on the success of Finland and Sweden. The Norwegian Intito office is essentially a start-up and as part of its growth strategy, it has enrolled in the Pedab Business Innovation Program.

Kristian Lahtinen, Country Manager in Intito Norway, states: ”Our collaboration with Pedab has been essential for the success of our start-up in Norway. Having access to IBM’s local resources and support has been invaluable in helping us acquire new contacts and opportunities in the country,” and he continues to emphasize the great partnership: ”Pedab has helped us with IBM Partner processes and helped us navigate the Norwegian business ecosystem, as a true business partner, Pedab has given us valuable feedback on our GTM strategy and our core narrative.”

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