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Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions is retail’s first choice for integrated in-store solutions. The leading supplier of point-of-sale systems is committed to delivering innovative commerce solutions and optimize retail operations.

At Toshiba, every retail engagement is about making brilliant commerce real through top-notch services. Toshiba enables new revenue streams for the retailer, equips retailers with the tools and technologies to optimize security and productivity, and quickly and reliably resolves any issues arising from day-to-day operations. By accelerating value with holistic solutions and comprehensive service capabilities, retailers can rely on Toshiba's extensive experience to ensure their in-store equipment is optimized for today's fast-paced shopping environment.

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"Toshiba empowers retailers to create moments that inspire"

Retailers know that a reliably functioning point-of-sale (POS) system is critical to customer satisfaction. According to the 2019 POS/Customer Engagement Survey from BRP, 82% of consumers say the ease of checkout and payment is an important factor in choosing where they shop. According to the report; “Retailers are looking to refresh their hardware with the latest offerings to take advantage of faster processor chips and larger storage needed to efficiently run more advanced software.”

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