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Client Computing

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We are a family-owned company. This gives us the flexibility to grow at our own pace with a powerful vision, and to build long-term relationships in a healthy business environment within the computing area.

Being family-owned has always shaped our corporate culture and provided a solid foundation for our success within the areas we operate. With client computing, we aim for close cooperation based on loyalty and fair play. We strive for building durable relationships and win-win partnerships. We deliver solutions and services that create genuine added value, like Try & Decide and Swap to New. For our other focus areas, this has led to steady growth since Pedab was first established in 1993. We have already seen evidence of the same happening for this area for a few years.

Within client computing, we focus on the Scandinavian market and take pride in having local expertise in the three countries. With this narrow focus area, we can flexibly react to global trends and transform ideas rapidly into effective results in the local market.

Daniel Patiño
Daniel Patiño

Client Computing Sales -Sweden

Tobias Gottschalk

Business Development Representative - Denmark

Sebastian Bjurkell
Sebastian Bjurkell

Sales Manager ID&C - Sweden

Achmad Nasir

Sales Manager ID&C