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Hybrid Flash Storage

The best of both worlds

Hybrid Flash Storage

We see that most organizations compare price/performance when choosing between different systems, thus some solution would be considered too expensive for the type of workload needed to run. Choosing the architecture has until now been a choice of performance/price or price/performance.

With the introduction of Hybrid Flash Solutions (HFS), companies may now benefit from the speed from SSD ($/IOPS) and a cost-effective way to scale from HDD ($/GB).

Top priorities when choosing HFS architecture

  • ​Integration: It is important to understand which tools are accessible for integration as it will help accelerate application performance.
  • Capacity: Understanding applications’ future needs for capacity is key to understand if Hybrid Flash is the right way to go. This will allow for a cost-effectively scalability and secure the business case.
  • Workloads: Understating the present and future needs for workloads will help identify the different requirements for the workloads.


We are here to help 

We support our customers to benefit from the many possibilities of Flash Storage arrays. Understanding the future needs for running specific workloads and the need for performance vs. cost is critical when choosing Flash architecture.

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